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Searching for dropship wholesale suppliers? Drop-shippers can be tricky to deal with. Some require a small fee for each order to cover packing supplies and payroll. There are some drop ship companies selling consumer electronics and musical instruments that will drop ship for your company with no additional fee's. These are the exception and not the rule. 50 high power drop shippers of electronics and music supply reside here in the USA. Wholesale connections selling music instruments, dropshipping at wholesale price for licensed re-sellers only who can provide a valid tax ID. Dropship services can prove to be a very profitable way to run your business. Keeping very little inventory expense, a small business has a much better chance of making profit. Each dropship warehouse in the exclusive drop shippers network has its own terms and conditions. Start a business today by contacting your state capital. Tell them exactly how you will be running your new business. Will it be out of the house? Will your new business have an actual brick and mortar store front? Or will you sell your items through the world wide web? Starting a new business can be tricky. Choosing the right name for your new business is the first step. Keep in mind, you want to be on the top of the listings and not at the bottom, so choose a company name that fits you as well as offers marketing punch. Dropship wholesale guitar suppliers offer a wide range of guitars, amps, speakers, plus many other musical instruments available for sale & drop-ship.

     Real Wholesale Warehouses Do Not Advertise On Search Engines. You Must Visit The Annual Musical Instrument Trade Shows Or Join Wholesale Music Warehouse Club In Order To Uncover Them.

     Membership With Wholesale Music Warehouse Club includes all of the benefits listed here. Your company instantly uncovers the lowest wholesale prices, better brand names, faster shipping, amazing customer support, drop-shipping services,  download product images & data files for use on your web store, contact multiple wholesale musical instrument warehouses at once.  Achieve the purchasing power your company needs to be successful. All for much less than attending the music industry trade shows! We supply 1,000 products directly!

Our confidential "Behind The Scenes" master-distributors are located through wholesale B2B trade shows from across the U.S.A. The public is not allowed @ these wholesale shows. The wholesale music warehouse club is only available to licensed re-sellers. Need help getting licensed? Contact wholesale music warehouse club USA 951-319-8485. You can start a business of your own for less than you might think. There is still good profit margins with musical instruments. Start making good money selling something you know and love. Over 1,200 wholesale musical instruments & accessories are available for immediate drop shipping. Check out these (9) super product examples. Hit F-5 to see more examples.

Chain of events in the Wholesale Music Instruments Industry:
Product is Manufactured ( Usually in USA, China or Korea )
Product is shipped to a "Master-Distributor" which is either the "Brand" itself or a multi-line master wholesale distributor buying OEM from the over seas manufacturer.
Product is shipped from the Master-Distributor to a "Distributor"
The "Distributor" ships the goods to the "Dealer/Retailer"
The "Dealer/Retailer" sells the goods to the "End User" also called "The Consumer"
You want to buy from "Multi-Line Master Distributors" or direct from the manufacturer, ( If you can meet the minimum order requirements & territorial contracts etc..)
Our consultants provide direct help 7 days per week. Available by telephone 951-319-8485 or by instant message through AOL. Our screen name is AudioDistributor ( AOL IM )
Contact Wholesale Music Warehouse Club @ 951-319-8485 7am-to-7pm Fax your business license or tax id to eFax 325-202-9228

Wholesale music warehouses from dropshipping suppliers

Gold Wholesale Membership Includes:


1. Fast membership set-up. Instant online access to the lowest priced, top master wholesale distributors and drop shippers here in the USA stocking top quality music instruments of all kinds. Using your companies user-name and password for the wholesale music warehouse confidential site, you will have instant access to amazing wholesale musical instrument wholesale distributors. Plus, wholesale music warehouse also provides 1,000 music instruments & music accessories direct. We also drop ship at no extra DS Fee. The real "behind the scenes" master wholesale musical instrument distributors do not advertise on the search engines and are almost impossible to locate unless your company attends the annual audio music instrument trade shows. Trade shows are fun, however the cost of air fair, hotels, meals, etc.... can add up. Wholesale music warehouse guides your company right through all of this and gets right to the point by uncovering the absolute best wholesale musical instrument (Business to Business) suppliers in the United States. We also provide spreadsheets and product images for easy upload to your website.

2. Our online database is updated several times a year. Fresh wholesale musical instrument connections are found and posted to the members only section via musical instrument trade shows and direct wholesale relations.

3. Confidential Wholesale Music Warehouse excel spreadsheet with over 1,000 musical instruments from the top 3 master wholesale distributors provided. Easily download this file after you join. Save countless hours & effort by utilizing this tool.

4. Live mentoring and consulting is included with your wholesale membership package. We are here from 7:30 am Pacific Time to 7:30 pm  pacific.  Available for live phone support from industry experts who know the wholesale musical instrument business  inside and out.  Have a question? Need help finding a particular music product?   No problem.  Call  our help line @ 951-319-8485 

5. Rob's updated confidential hot-list of the top 20 U.S. wholesale musical instrument warehouses. We cut right through the BS and give you our professional insight as to the top rated master wholesalers.  This listing is included in your confirmation email and receipt that is sent to you after you join.  ALL warehouses only sell to licensed re-sellers with a valid tax i.d. or business license. Re-Sellers Welcome.  Contact Kelly Ferguson our office manager @ 951-319-8485 She will point you in the right direction to get your business license from your state. ( If you need the help )

6. We also provide 1,000+ product images available for immediate download. You are granted full use of the product images. These are master distributor specific images.  Save time & effort. Download the product images direct from the logged in section of the wholesale music warehouse members website.

7. Hot hyperlink list  sent with your confirmation email and receipt. Easily click your way to the top 20 musical instrument wholesale master distributors websites.

High school band instruments are also available in bulk orders on wholesale pallets directly from the warehouses.


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