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Searching for dropship wholesale suppliers? Drop-shippers can be tricky to deal with. Some require a small fee for each order to cover packing supplies and payroll. There are some drop ship companies selling consumer electronics and musical instruments that will drop ship for your company with no additional fee's. These are the exception and not the rule. 50 high power drop shippers of electronics and music supply reside here in the USA. Wholesale connections selling music instruments, dropshipping at wholesale price for licensed re-sellers only who can provide a valid tax ID. Drop ship services can prove to be a very profitable way to run your business. Keeping very little inventory expense, a small business has a much better chance of making profit. Each drop ship warehouse in the exclusive drop shippers network has its own terms and conditions. Start a business today by contacting your state capital. Tell them exactly how you will be running your new business. Will it be out of the house? Will your new business have an actual brick and mortar store front? Or will you sell your items through the world wide web? Starting a new business can be tricky. Choosing the right name for your new business is the first step. Keep in mind, you want to be on the top of the listings and not at the bottom, so choose a company name that fits you as well as offers marketing punch. Dropship wholesale guitar suppliers offer a wide range of guitars, amps, speakers, plus many other musical instruments available for sale & drop-ship. Find a professional music instrument dropship company.

Dealers & licensed re-sellers, & online stores...Get Connected with Over 120 real musical instrument wholesale distributors with HUGE warehouses full of music equipment by all the top brands. Over 400 musical product manufacturers. We provide wholesale products direct! We also provide very unique business to business services and solutions.

Speak to a wholesale consultant 951-319-8485. Download 1000 music product images with 1 click. Download Excel database of all our music products.  Wholesale drop-Ship services available with membership.

Our confidential "Behind The Scenes" master-distributors are located through wholesale B2B trade shows from across the U.S.A. The public is not allowed @ these wholesale shows. The wholesale music warehouse club is only available to licensed re-sellers. Need help getting licensed?  Contact wholesale music  warehouse club  USA 951-319-8485.  You can start a  business of your own for less than you might think. There is still good profit margins with musical instruments. Start making good money selling something you know and love. Over 1,200 wholesale musical instruments  & accessories are available for immediate drop shipping.

Chain of events in the Wholesale Music Instruments Industry:

  1. Product is Manufactured  ( Usually in USA, China or Korea )
  2. Product is shipped to a "Master-Distributor"  which is either the "Brand" itself or a multi-line master wholesale distributor buying OEM from the over seas manufacturer.
  3. Product is shipped from the Master-Distributor to a "Distributor"
  4. The "Distributor" ships the goods to the "Dealer/Retailer"
  5. The "Dealer/Retailer" sells the goods to the "End User" also called "The Consumer"
  6. You want to buy from "Multi-Line Master Distributors" or direct from the manufacturer, ( If you can meet the minimum order requirements & territorial contracts etc..) 
  7. Our consultants provide direct help 7 days per week. Available by telephone 951-319-8485 or by instant message through AOL. Our screen name is  AudioDistributor   ( AOL  IM )  

Contact Wholesale Music Warehouse Club @ 951-319-8485  7am-to-7pm  Fax your business license or tax id to eFax 325-202-9228 


We Contact Over 100 Real B2B Wholesale Musical Instrument Distributors For Your Company And Request Confidential Wholesale Catalogs + Dealer Price Sheets To Be Mailed To You Directly Order The GOLD WHOLESALE SERVICE PACKAGE) 716-6222 


65% Off Retail !  Purchase From Any Of 100+ Wholesale Musical Instrument Wholesalers Listed Within Our Confidential Dealers Only Web Site Business To Business Wholesale Musical Instrument Warehouses


Wholesale Music Warehouse Service Package Includes: user-name & password to confidential distributor listing site. We contact over 100 real distributors for your company and request wholesale catalogs + dealer price sheets to be mailed to you directly.


 Your wholesale membership never expires.

200 Top Brands - 2,500  Musical Instruments & Music Related  Products. Uncover The Real Wholesale Distributors That DO NOT and WILL NOT Sell To The General Public. Quickly Uncover The Real Master Distributors & Drop Shippers. You Will Know Who All Of The "Key" Master Distributors For Musical Instruments Are. We Provide You With 1,000  Musical Instrument Images   (Master-Distributor Specific Images ) Easily Download The Musical Instrument Product Images With 1 Click Of Your Mouse. Plus You Receive Our Confidential Excel Spreadsheet Provided For Easy Upload To Your Existing Web Store. Custom "Members Only" Excel Spreadsheet Includes Over 1,000 Musical Products. Some Distributors May Not Sell To  NON-COMMERCIAL ADDRESS  BUSINESSES.  Contact Rob @ (949) 716-6222 With Any Questions. Several Distributors Do Sell & Deal With Home Based Businesses, And Do  "Drop-Ship"  We Direct Your Business To The Proper Warehouses. Your Confirmation Email & Receipt Includes Specific Instructions On Which Warehouses Are Able To Sell To Your Company.

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Here are some general descriptions of just a few of our product line:

RF Amplifiers Boosts incoming cable or antenna signal for distribution of signal over long distances and multiple outputs Bi-directional amplifiers with DC/IR passing 5û42 MHz return path, 54û1000 MHz forward path


8 dB RF Amplifier Increases strength of incoming cable or antenna signal for distribution of signal to longer distances and more outputs Bi-directional amplifiers with DC/IR passing 5û42 MHz return path, 54û1000 MHz forward path


15 dB RF Amplifier Increases strength of incoming cable or antenna signal for distribution of signal to longer distances and more outputs Bi-directional amplifiers with DC/IR passing 5û42 MHz return path, 54û1000 MHz forward path


In-Line RF Amplifier Provides gain to signal in long coax cable runs Power injected down the coax 40 MHzû1 GHz with 5 MHzû42 MHz return path 15dB power gain


Hibrid Vacuum Tube Amplifier Pure class "A" hybrid vacuum tube and MOSFET amplifier design 30 watts of high current class "A" power Warm and natural sound Bridgable 13 1/2" W x 3 1/2" H x 9" D


Class "A" 30 Watts Per Channel Tube Integrated Amplifier Combines solid state and vacuum tube technology for incredible sound Gold-plated jacks Built-in phone stage Pure class "A" pre-amp and amplifier in one chassis


Multi-Purpose Amplifier Connects headsets to virtually any telephone Voice compression and switching Built-in headset stand with on-line indicator option that signals when the headset is in use Compatible with GN Netcom, Unex, and ACS brand headsets


Universal Modular Amplifier/Adapter Required for use with a Plantronics headset May be used with single- or multi-line telephones Incoming and outgoing volume control Headset select and mute controls Includes 2 AA batteries


24dB Dual Output VHF/UHF/FM Amplifier 1 in/2 out 12dB x 2 and 50û900 MHz

The MD 22 is a high quality reporter's microphone. Above 1 kHz, the directivity of the omni-directional transducer increases with the frequency, thus noticeably muting off-axis sound while avoiding all those disadvantages which are usually associated with directional mics. Special body coating minimizes handling noise. Color: black, sound inlet basket: black


Numark Blue Dog. 2 phono, 2 line, 1 mic input. Compact design, slider cueing, replaceable crossfader.

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Wholesale music suppliers sell wholesale music products to licensed music dealers only. Music products like guitars, both acoustic and electric. We also stock multi-neck special custom guitars. Wholesale music warehouse club is an exclusive "dealer only" club. We specialize in not only selling the dealers musical instrument products, but providing confidential wholesale services targeted at uncovering and connecting your business with over 100 real business to business wholesale music instrument distributors. Your wholesale music warehouse club membership includes many benefits including:2005 wholesale music instrument master distributor guide, 1,000+ music product images ready for immediate download, 1000+ music products on excel, confidential fax blast sent for your company to all major music instrument master wholesale distributors, ( over 100 music instrument wholesalers are contacted by fax for you! ) We ask for confidential wholesale musical instrument catalogs to be mailed directly to your office. You will soon have the most solid ( real wholesale ) connections for music gear, and you will soon be on your way to selling fun equipment. Enjoy selling items you have a passion for. Wholesale musical instrument distributors are waiting to send you their wholesale - dealer catalog.

Music instruments as well as many professional audio items are available wholesale to dealers only. Over 100 music instrument wholesalers distributors drop ship supplier warehouses carrying guitars drums amplifiers dj equipment violins school band instruments speakers mic's stands cymbals wires cables connectors and much much more. All sold to licensed re-sellers only who can provide a valid tax id or business license. Custom guitars drum sets equalizers pa equipment clarinets harmonicas acoustic guitars accessories of all kinds. Click here to enter wholesale music warehouse club USA. Wholesaler distributor selling to the music trade only. Must have re-seller license.

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