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Wholesale Musical Instruments 

Connect With The Best Distributors200 Top Brands - 2,500  Musical Instruments & Music Related  Products. Uncover The Real Wholesale Distributors That DO NOT and WILL NOT Sell To The General Public. Quickly Uncover The Real Master Distributors & Drop Shippers. You Will Know Who All Of The "Key" Master Distributors For Musical Instruments Are. We Provide You With 1,000  Musical Instrument Images   (Master-Distributor Specific Images ) Easily Download The Musical Instrument Product Images With 1 Click Of Your Mouse. Plus You Receive Our Confidential Excel Spreadsheet Provided For Easy Upload To Your Existing Web Store. Custom "Members Only" Excel Spreadsheet Includes Over 1,000 Musical Products. Some Distributors May Not Sell To  NON-COMMERCIAL ADDRESS  BUSINESSES.  Contact Rob @ (949) 716-6222 With Any Questions. Several Distributors Do Sell & Deal With Home Based Businesses, And Do  "Drop-Ship"  We Direct Your Business To The Proper Warehouses. Your Confirmation Email & Receipt Includes Specific Instructions On Which Warehouses Are Able To Sell To Your Company.

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Wholesale Guitars Wholesale Drums Sets & More


by Sennheiser Pro Force 
Dealer: $298.15 
Sugg.List: $596.30



Instructional DVD's 
by Musician's Workshop 
Dealer: $20.38 
Sugg.List: $40.76



Sound Equipment 
by Conquest USA 
Dealer: $218.05 
Sugg.List: $436.10



by Karera 
Dealer: $120.15 
Sugg.List: $240.30



Guitar Accessories 
by Shadow 
Dealer: $84.55 
Sugg.List: $169.10



Guitar Accessories 
by Misc 
Dealer: $4.00 
Sugg.List: $7.99



Wireless Systems 
by Nady Systems 
Dealer: $194.91 
Sugg.List: $389.82



by SKB 
Dealer: $141.82 
Sugg.List: $283.64



Pegboard Hooks 
by Misc 
Dealer: $0.18 
Sugg.List: $0.36


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Guitars - Drums - Keyboards - Microphones - Mixers - PA Speakers - Wholesale 


Wholesale music suppliers sell wholesale music products to licensed music dealers only. Music products like guitars, both acoustic and electric. We also stock multi-neck special custom guitars. Wholesale music warehouse club is an exclusive "dealer only" club. We specialize in not only selling the dealers musical instrument products, but providing confidential wholesale services targeted at uncovering and connecting your business with over 100 real business to business wholesale music instrument distributors. Your wholesale music warehouse club membership includes many benefits including: wholesale music instrument master distributor guide, 1,000+ music product images ready for immediate download, 1000+ music products on excel, confidential email blast sent for your company to all major music instrument master wholesale distributors, ( over 100 music instrument wholesalers are contacted by fax for you! ) We ask for confidential wholesale musical instrument catalogs to be mailed directly to your office. You will soon have the most solid ( real wholesale ) connections for music gear, and you will soon be on your way to selling fun equipment. Enjoy selling items you have a passion for. Wholesale musical instrument distributors are waiting to send you their wholesale - dealer catalog. Amazing wholesale music products are available (1) or 1,000 at a time. We also provide dropshipping services to all club members. Dealer profit margins are between 50 to 300% depending on the item. The wholesale music instrument industry awaits you. Welcome to wholesale music warehouse club USA. Wholesale suppliers and wholesale services. Music instruments as well as many professional audio items are available wholesale to dealers only. Over 100 music instrument wholesalers distributors drop ship supplier warehouses carrying guitars drums amplifiers dj equipment violins school band instruments speakers mic's stands cymbals wires cables connectors and much much more. All sold to licensed re-sellers only who can provide a valid tax id or business license. Custom guitars drum sets equalizers pa equipment clarinets harmonicas acoustic guitars accessories of all kinds. Click here to enter wholesale music warehouse club USA. Wholesaler distributor selling to the music trade only. Must have re-seller license. 


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65% Off Retail & More! You Just Found The Best

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Images of all products are available. Call 951-319-8485  Deep wholesale discounts apply on 144+ pc. orders. or     (2,500.00 ) From 1 unit to several thousand,  Wholesale Music Warehouse stocks it deep and sells it cheap.  Dealer profits are 50 To 65% & Up.  Start a music gear retail or internet business. We will drop ship your orders to anyone in the lower 48 United States. Alaska & Hawaii is extra. Our main office is 951-319-8485  e-fax us @ (325) 202-9228  40 to 60 Foot rail container orders welcome. WMW Is A Master Distributor For Music Related Products.  Contact Rob  Musical instrument wholesale warehouse supplies the independent music equipment dealer  with high quality music instruments and music store accessories of all kinds.  We supply other distributors as well. ( parallel sales )  School or church purchasing agents contact Maureen @ 951-319-8485  WMW U.S.A.  gives your company the deepest discounts and the fastest delivery. From small fill-in orders... all the way to several 60 foot rail containers,...Its no problem.  O.E.M.  Enquiries Welcome. Start your own brand of guitars !  WMW Does it!.   All at the right O.E.M. Price. Fast Delivery.   Email Wholesale music warehouse   

Welcome to Wholesale Music Warehouse. We only sell wholesale to retail. Music gear sold at  master  wholesale   price.  Hundreds of different music instruments are  ready for quick shipment to your business or your retail customer. Music instruments like acoustic guitars, drums, horns, keyboards,  amplifiers,  microphones,   cables,     parts,  music equipment  accessories  including condenser microphones DJ headphones boom mics full cables wireless microphone  systems uni-directional mics mixers six  channel mixer with reverb performance  monitor stage performer loudspeakers. Full-Line wholesale distributors stocking music instruments by the container.  Popular products including newmark turntables  wholesale rack mountable equalizers sound processors music dealers often request  wholesale voltage meter 2 channel mixers at wholesale price. Scratch mixers electric guitars gibson bc rich fender dj kits sold to dealers.  Dual CD rack mount cd players, digital tuners,  drums, pads, power amps, wholesale amplifiers  Music gear pre amplifier wholesale 15 band equalizers Eq's digital effects modules dynamic enhancer. phono pre amp wholesale music products.  Pyle pro PA systems and woofers at dealer cost. Keyboards stands Kona guitars acoustic guitars violins cases accessories wholesale humbucker electric bass guitars at wholesale price. Fret boards pick guard banjo distributors tennor banjo wholesalers  abilene wholesalers guitars straps electric guitars custom. Gig bags at deep master wholesale prices. Fiddles violins ukulele rosin guitar amps by gorilla 200 watts  8 inch speakers, pa speakers, treble controls, 50 watt fender mini deluxe wholesale warehouse drop ship  supplier tone master pedals distortion pedals dan  electro effects pedals at wholesale warehouse  pricing. Guitar cases of all kinds. Guitar tuners  quick tune  Picks medium hard soft display racks pop music. strings by fender and Ace Frehley. Drums by professional  music manufacturing conga drum tunable toms cowbell drum geads at wholesale cymbals tambourines distributor  ldjian products stocked and ready for re-sale. Drum pedals brass jingle hats sticks drums maracas Guiro Violins. Music instructional videos and dvd's trumpets, clarinets,  key of C flutes as well as many alto saxaphones at wholesale  prices. We sell to the school systems and churches here in the United  States.  We supply at music equipment wholesalers  soprano sax's at wholesale cost to music stores. Recorders harmonicas piccolo guitars by kona wood clarinet accordion speakers parts wires cables PA systems for churches and  schools. We support school music programs by providing digital drums sytems by Yamaha Violins and Violin cases,  Mic stands distributors drop shipping trick mixers with digital sound  effects. Graphic EQ auto fader and digital outputs Wholesale music equipment like PA speakers JBL  Celestian speaker cabinet marshall amps Gibson  SG wholesaler vintage guitars amplifiers fender  BC rich Music products web sites dealers schools  supply music stores with guitars drums bass guitars instructional videos blues rock heavy metal rock and roll.  Wholesale distributors drop ship music gear and accessories.  music stands, replacement parts, strings,  Every kind of instrument is available from wholesale guitars wholesale drums dropship guitars. Distribution experts supporting music dealers with  hundreds of different music equipment products  including Acoustic guitars electric guitars oscar schmidt  silvertone drums, drum pads, drum sticks, alpine  music gear BA Starr kits Pyramid power amps pig nose x brand effects pedals batteries  9 volt Kyser music supply gibson strings and guitars black   diamond martin gig bags violins school music programs buy from Wholesale Music Warehouse. Marano dropship  Tambourines snare stands skins student guitars  practise pad student kit music junior drum sets  childrens guitars strat style bracket banjo  p style hollow body dreadnought guitars bass  concert body acoustc classical guitar  spruce top full size banjo wholesaler tennor  banjo 5 string electric bass jazz style bass guitars with active pickups acoustic electric  mandolin school music program directors  welcome. Bluebooks music gear trap lights fog  machines DJ products speakers rack mount CD  players. 10 inch speaker chorus controls bass keyboard amplifier Violin shoulder rest. Hard shell case. Tuning peg replacement  bridge 9 volt twin amp.Bass amp power. Wholesale music gear products dropship  suppliers distributors music Crate peavey  Schecter monitors ibanez  distortion pedals  electronic drum kit module Music stores stock pearl drums. Wholesale musical instruments sold to licensed dealers and music schools. Music wholesalers


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