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Our staff is compiled of musicians as well as audio industry veterans. Our experience includes working as factory representatives (12+ years) for many top audio companies like PowerLine Audio, Harrison Labs, CDT Audio, Atomic Loudspeakers, Subwoofer Technologies Inc, and more... We spent years working the B2B trade shows, both as reps and as manufacturers. Over the years we have developed some of the strongest master-wholesale distribution connections. Wholesale music club USA will help your business almost overnight. You will notice a very positive difference by utilizing our custom products and wholesale services.
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Wholesale music suppliers sell wholesale music products to licensed music dealers only. Music products like guitars, both acoustic and electric. We also stock multi-neck special custom guitars. Wholesale music warehouse club is an exclusive "dealer only" club. We specialize in not only selling the dealers musical instrument products, but providing confidential wholesale services targeted at uncovering and connecting your business with over 100 real business to business wholesale music instrument distributors. Your wholesale music warehouse club membership includes many benefits including: wholesale music instrument master distributor guide, 1,000+ music product images ready for immediate download, 1000+ music products on excel, confidential email blast sent for your company to all major music instrument master wholesale distributors, ( over 100 music instrument wholesalers are contacted by fax for you! ) We ask for confidential wholesale musical instrument catalogs to be mailed directly to your office. You will soon have the most solid ( real wholesale ) connections for music gear, and you will soon be on your way to selling fun equipment. Enjoy selling items you have a passion for. Wholesale musical instrument distributors are waiting to send you their wholesale - dealer catalog. Amazing wholesale music products are available (1) or 1,000 at a time. We also provide dropshipping services to all club members. Dealer profit margins are between 50 to 300% depending on the item. The wholesale music instrument industry awaits you. Welcome to wholesale music warehouse club USA. Wholesale suppliers and wholesale services. Music instruments as well as many professional audio items are available wholesale to dealers only. Over 100 music instrument wholesalers distributors drop ship supplier warehouses carrying guitars drums amplifiers dj equipment violins school band instruments speakers mic's stands cymbals wires cables connectors and much much more. All sold to licensed re-sellers only who can provide a valid tax id or business license. Custom guitars drum sets equalizers pa equipment clarinets harmonicas acoustic guitars accessories of all kinds. Click here to enter wholesale music warehouse club USA. Wholesaler distributor selling to the music trade only. Must have re-seller license.






 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Wireless Hand Held Microphone with Dual Diversity, Single Channel Receiver

Unidirectional hand held microphone Up to 100 ft range Adjustable volume       Kona



Model ID:PG48

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Cardoid Dynamic Vocal Microphone PG48QTR- High Impedance PG48XLR- Low Impedance

Cable Included 70 Hz-15kHz         Shure



Model ID:PG57XLR

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Cardoid Dynamic Instrument Microphone- Low Impedance

Versatile for amplified or accoustic instruments           Shure



Model ID:PG58

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Cardoid Dynamic Vocal Microphone PG58QTR- High Impedance PG58XLR- Low Impendance

Accentuates the clarity or lead and back-up Cable Included         Shure



Model ID:SM57LC

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Cardoid Dynamic Microphone

Clean beautifully defined instrument reproduction Rich warm vocal pickup on lecterns The standard for instrument amplifier miking       Shure



Model ID:AD116

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Dynamic Microphone AD116BK- Black AD116R- Red AD116Y- Yellow AD116W- White

ABS housing On/Off switch 100-12kHz       Nippon America



Model ID:CMP22

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

High Performance Dynamic Microphone

Highly Sensitive Moving Coil Unidirectional Pattern 80-12,000 Hz 6.3 mm Plug 9' Cord   Coby



Model ID:GW750

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Wired/Wireless Microphone System

Unidirectional 600Ohm 30 Meter range 100-10kHz Includes receiver, antenna, batteries, and wire, Comes with Case   Nippon America



Model ID:OM2

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Audix OM-Series All Purpose Vocal Microphone

True Hypercardoid 50 Hz-16kHz 250 Ohm 140 dB     Audix



Model ID:ATW201G

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

ATW-R200 Receiver, ATW-T201 Transmitter, and Hi-Z instrument input cable

Available in 3 traveling frequencies Removable docking power supply Adjustable squelch control       Audio-Technica



Model ID:ATW201H

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

ATW-R200 Receiver, ATW-T201 Transmitter and PRO 8HEcW headworn microphone

Advanced dipole antenna system Available in 3 traveling frequencies Removable docking power supply Adjustable squelch control     Audio-Technica



Model ID:ATW201L

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

ATW-R200 Receiver, ATW-T201 Transmitter and AT829cW Lavalier Microphone

Advanced Dipole antenna system Available in 3 traveling frequencies Removable docking power supply Adjustable squelch control     Audio-Technica



Model ID:ATW202

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

ATW-R200 Receiver, ATW-T202 Handheld Microphone/Transmitter

Freeway systems provide interference-free quality Advanced dipole antenna system Available in 3 traveling frequencies Removable docking power supply Adjustable squelch control   Audio-Technica



Model ID:ART25

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Stereo Condenser Video/Recording Microphone

High quality stereo pickup Excellent sound quality On/Off switch Short camera cable w/stereo mini-plug Long recording cable with dual mono miniplugs, Cameramount & interchangeable mic stand adapter   Audio-Technica



Model ID:ATR20

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Vocal/ Instrument Microphone

16.5 ft cord with 3.5mm plug & 1/4" adapter Desk stand 80-12000 Hz       Audio-Technica



Model ID:ATR30

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Professional Vocal/Instrument Microphone

16.5 ft cord Stand Clamp 60- 15000 Hz       Audio-Technica



Model ID:ATR50

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Professional Vocal/Instrument Microphone

15 ft cord Stand clamp Soft-feel finish 70- 14000 Hz     Audio-Technica



Model ID:MHL3

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

XLR-1/4" Microphone Adapter




Model ID:SDM-91

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Dynamic Microphone

Uni-Directional Frequency Response: 100Hz-11kHz         Sky



Model ID:HIH-398

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Dynamic Microphone




Model ID:GDM-810

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

High End Uni-Directional Microphone




Model ID:SDM-266

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Dynamic Microphone




Model ID:SDM-288

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Uni-Directional Micrphone

Frequency: 100Hz-15kHz           Sky



Model ID:SDM-90

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Dynamic Microphone

Uni-Directional Frequency Response: 100Hz-11kHz         Sky



Model ID:WR-101R

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Dynamic Microphone Type of Emission: FM (F3E) Carrier Frequency Range: 160-245 MHz Frequency Stability: +-0.005% 25c. Max Modulation: 40KHz Pre-Emphasis: 50us. Spuious Emissions: 45dBc RFOut Put Power: 15m W. Frequency Response: 50Hz-15KHz Dynamic Range 100dB Batter: 006P Current Drain: 30mA (Max) Battery Life (alda line): 6-8 hr Diminsions: 244mm Weight: 205g




Model ID:SDM-309

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Uni-Directional Microphone Frequency Range: VHF/FM Frequency Response: 100Hz-10000Hz S/N Ration: >60dB Operating Boltage: DC1.5V Series Areas: 15-30m 30dB/uV Includes: 1 Receiver, 1 Wireless Antenna, 1 Wire for Wireless Mic., 2 1.5V Batteries, and 1 Wireless Mic.




Model ID:ATR55

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Telemike Unidirectional Condenser Microphone Two condenser mics in one "Normal" for close and medium distance recording "Tele" for long distance pickup Integrated 3 ft cable terminated with 3.5mm mini plug Camera-mount, pistol-grip/mike stand clamp, foam windscreen, battery and 1/4" phone plug adapter included




Model ID:ATR25

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Stereo Condenser Video/Recording Microphone Offers the convenience of high quality stereo pickup in a single microphone Professional condenser circuitry ensures excellent sound quality On/off switch for convenient operation Includes short camera cable with stereo mini plug, and long recording cable with dual mono mini plugs and 1/4" adapters Camera mount and interchangeable microphone stand adapter included




Model ID:ATR35s

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Omnidirectional Lavlier Microphone High-quality condenser in a mini lavalier mic Ideal for aerobics/dance/sports-instructors Great for video use, this "newscasterstyle" mic is practically invisible Intergrated 20ft cable terminated with a 3.5mm mini plug for use with most cameras and home recording systems On/off switch for convenient operation Includes tie clip, battery, foam windscreen and 1/4" adapter




Model ID:ATR40

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Professional Vocal/Instrument Microphone Rugged metal construction, with special soft-to-touch paint Well-suited for on-stage Unidirectional polar pattern reduces pickup of undesired off-axis sounds Includes detachable 16 1/2 ft XLR-type-to-1/4" cable and stand clamp




Model ID:MD504

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Cardioid Microphone Small dynamic instrument mic. Good for percussion. New glass composite material is extraordinarily rugged, making it suitable for adverse stage situations. Has integrated pivoting mount.

Frequency range: 50-18000 Hz           Sennheiser Pro Force



Model ID:MD421-II

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Cardioid Microphone One of the most versatile and popular of Sennheiser's dynamic mics. Designed over 20 years ago yet still renowned for its sonic quality, ability to handle high sound pressure levels and durability. A favority of musicians, broadcasters, recording studios and sound contractors. Five position bass roll-off switch provides equalization control up to 1000Hz. Humbucking coil employed to reduce interference from equipment and power cables.

Frequency range: 30-17000 Hz           Sennheiser Pro Force



Model ID:MD431-II

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Supercardioid Microphone The ability to provide high gain before feedback, to handle high sound pressure levels and to produce a clean, open sound have made the MD431-U "Profipower" famous among discerning musicians and engineers alike. Features include triple layer steel-mesch grille, shock suspended capsule, specially contoured low frequency response, humbucking coil, and noiseless magnetic reed on/off switch with removable actuator.

Frequency range: 40-16000Hz           Sennheiser Pro Force



Model ID:MD425

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Supercardioid Microphone Sennheiser presents a new mic for speech and vocal applications in all areas of sound recording. This dynamic super-cardioid mic has exceptionally good feeback rejection and a very low handling noise. It features an integrated pop filter, thus ensuring optimum intelligibity and excellent sound quality.

            Sennheiser Pro Force



Model ID:MD441-U

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Supercardioid Microphone A dynamic mic of exceptional quality and versatility that incorporates the best qualities of both dynamic and condenser microphone technologies. From its near textperfect supercardioid pattern, to its condenser ligh high frequency response, make it appropriate for an extremely diverse range of applications. The inclusion of seperate five position low frequency and two position high frequency equalization switches make this micke the top of the line dynamic model.

Frequency range: 30-20000 Hz           Sennheiser Pro Force



Model ID:VMW-2033

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Dynamic Microphone Satin charcoal zinc diecast body with flat grey wire mesh grill. Cable and Case included.

Frequency response: 50-13K hz Output impendance: 600Ohms Connectors: 3-pin XLR to 1/4" phono On/off switch     VMW



Model ID:SDM-600

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Unidirectional Microphone 600Ohms 100-10K Hz




Model ID:GDM-804

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

Dynamic Microphone Same as GDM-810 with gold plated zinc die-cast body and gold plated ball-type grill




Model ID:MD22

 Category: Wholesale Microphones

The MD 22 is a high quality reporter's microphone. Above 1 kHz, the directivity of the omni-directional transducer increases with the frequency, thus noticeably muting off-axis sound while avoiding all those disadvantages which are usually associated with directional mics. Special body coating minimizes handling noise. Color: black, sound inlet basket: black

          VJ Sennheiser



We contact over 100 major instrument multi-line wholesalers for your company via professional fax. Imagine the possibilities. We ask for confidential wholesale catalogs to be mailed directly to your office. We also ask for free samples, displays, catalogs on cd, free literature, and any promotional items like posters and banners.

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