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This is not a public offer. 


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     200 Top Brands - 2,500  Musical Instruments & Music Related  Products. Uncover The Real Wholesale Distributors That DO NOT and WILL NOT Sell To The General Public. Quickly Uncover The Real Master Distributors & Drop Shippers. You Will Know Who All Of The "Key" Master Distributors For Musical Instruments Are. We Provide You With 1,000  Musical Instrument Images   (Master-Distributor Specific Images ) Easily Download The Musical Instrument Product Images With 1 Click Of Your Mouse. Plus You Receive Our Confidential Excel Spreadsheet Provided For Easy Upload To Your Existing Web Store. Custom "Members Only" Excel Spreadsheet Includes Over 1,000 Musical Products. Some Distributors May Not Sell To  NON-COMMERCIAL ADDRESS  BUSINESSES.  Contact Rob @ 951-319-8485 With Any Questions. Several Distributors Do Sell & Deal With Home Based Businesses, And Do  "Drop-Ship"  We Direct Your Business To The Proper Warehouses. Your Confirmation Email & Receipt Includes Specific Instructions On Which Warehouses Are Able To Sell To Your Company. Scroll Down This Page To View All Details.  



     Our staff is compiled of musicians as well as audio industry veterans. Our experience includes working as factory representatives (12+ years) for many top audio companies like PowerLine Audio, Harrison Labs, CDT Audio, Atomic Loudspeakers, Subwoofer Technologies Inc, and more... We spent years working the B2B trade shows, both as reps and as manufacturers. Over the years we have developed some of the strongest master-wholesale distribution connections. Wholesale music club USA will help your business almost overnight. You will notice a very positive difference by utilizing our custom products and wholesale services.

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Chain of events in the Wholesale Music Instruments Industry:
  1. Product is Manufactured  ( Usually in USA, China or Korea )
  2. Product is shipped to a "Master-Distributor"  which is either the "Brand" itself or a multi-line master wholesale distributor buying OEM from the over seas manufacturer.
  3. Product is shipped from the Master-Distributor to a "Distributor"
  4. The "Distributor" ships the goods to the "Dealer/Retailer"
  5. The "Dealer/Retailer" sells the goods to the "End User" also called "The Consumer"
  6. You want to buy from "Multi-Line Master Distributors" or direct from the manufacturer, ( If you can meet the minimum order requirements & territorial contracts etc..) 
  7. Our consultants provide direct help 7 days per week. Available by telephone 951-319-8485 or by instant message through AOL. Our screen name is  AudioDistributor   ( AOL  IM )  

Contact Wholesale Music Warehouse Club @ 951-319-8485  7am-to-7pm  Fax your business license or tax id to eFax 325-202-9228 



Q: How is Wholesale Music Club different from all the other so called wholesale companies on the internet?
A: The answer is simple. Most of the other "wholesale offers" online are available to the general public. With these other so called wholesale companies, there is no separation between wholesaler, dealer, and the end user (consumer). Real wholesalers will only sell B2B (business to business) any company offering "wholesale deals" that does not require a business license or tax id from you is not a real wholesale distributor. You have to ask yourself, "Do I want to buy from a discounted music retailer or a real music instrument master-distributor? The answer is obvious. With Wholesale Music Club, we only sell our gold wholesale membership package to licensed re-sellers. All 120 wholesale musical instrument warehouses within our network require a business license or tax id from all members. There is zero public access. This keeps the integrity in place between the true wholesale supplier and the dealer. Your company buys the music instrument products at the same wholesale price that your local music shop pays. There are still super profit margins out there selling musical instruments. 


Q: Do I have to have an actual store front in order to join Wholesale Music Club?
A: No. Among those that purchase the Gold Wholesale Package are small to mid sized companies selling via mail order, swap meets, internet, as well as small retail locations. It is not 100% necessary to have an actual store.


Q: I have seen offers online about a CD with 10,000 wholesale sources. What is this all about?
A: If you need wholesale sources for beans, shoe laces, hay, or bulk fabrics.... the CD is for you. If you are seeking true wholesale distributors supplying musical instrument products to dealers only,.... then you need Wholesale Music Club. Basically the "cheap" wholesale CD's out there are garbage. Plus, they will sell these CD's to anyone. The general public has access to the same information. You want real business to business wholesale distributors that don't deal with the public.  


Q: What are the minimum order requirements with the club and the other 120 wholesale musical instrument distributors?
A: Minimum order requirements vary by distributor. Usually the minimum order is between $50.00 to $200.00

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